There are many steps that go into planning for a funeral, which can be stressful. However, planning your arrangements ahead gives you time to look over all of your options and to ensure that you have all the necessary details correct. If you still feel unsure, here are some reasons why planning ahead may be a better option.

You can be assured we will help you every step of the way.

If you have ever made arrangements for a loved one before, you know that it is an emotional and difficult time. You are also probably aware of the financial burden it can put onto a family if they are not prepared.

  • Planning your own funeral ahead of time can put relief on your family by taking off the emotional responsibility of making arrangements after death has occured.
  • In most cases, preplanning can eliminate the financial burden from your family. This can be an important step in financial planning.
  • Preplanning makes you and your loved one assured that you have the arrangements you would like.

Addressing all of the decisions ahead of time when you are emotionally and financially ready just makes sense. Preplanning offers mental clarity and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

What is the difference between pre-planning and pre-paying?

Pre-planning means that you don’t have to pay for everything in advance. Your family or estate can pay for the services at the rates being charged when your funeral is held. The funeral director will keep your plan on file until it is needed when your plan is complete.
Pre-paying means that you complete all arrangements and work with our staff to choose a payment option that works for you. Pre-paid funerals are financed by life insurance or a trust. The services and merchandise are guaranteed whichever option you choose. With this being said, that means the family does not owe more on merchandise and services selected regardless of the possible price increase.
Plans may be made permanent in situations where someone needs to, or may need to in the future qualify for Medicaid assistance.

If I prearrange my funeral and prepay, what happens to my plan if I move?

If I pre-arrange my own funeral and pre-pay, what happens to my plan if I move?
Prepaid funds (insurance or trust) are transferable and paid to the funeral home that provides the service regardless of where the payment was originally made.

How do I preplan? What do I need to do?

Call the funeral home and schedule an appointment. A member of our staff will help you answer questions and assist you. You will receive an itemized copy of the charges for the services you choose. This will allow you to see all the details and specific charges to eliminate doubt or confusion. There is no obligation or charge necessary for your consultation. You can reach us at (865) 524-5575, or via email, or through our confidential online information request form.